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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures


Our flagship product is completely unique to the hemp space. These hemp supplements are packed with more beneficial minor phytocompounds than most products on the market for a plant-rich multifaceted effect. Our formulas come in a variety of concentrations that allow for convenient and accurate personalized absorption. Choose our Full Spectrum to experience the entourage effect.


Full Spectrum Water Soluble


Our full-spectrum water-soluble oil features less than .3% Delta-9 and is created with a process called liposomal emulsification. This step binds the oil to water molecules and delivers it rapidly throughout the body for faster systemic delivery. Add it to any beverage for convenient on-the-go delivery with a plant-rich, multifaceted effect. This broad-spectrum water-soluble is packed with more beneficial minor cannabinoids than most full spectrum products on the market, and our formulas come in a variety of hemp concentrations that allow for customized, accurate wellness regimens. Choose our Natural formula for an earthy hemp profile or indulge in our organic flavorings with sweet Strawberry Lime, juicy Grape, or tropical Pina Colada.

Full Spectrum Daily Double with Free Glass

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  • Please be advised that our products may have come in contact or contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Milk, Eggs, or Wheat